UnArmed Combatives

Surviving the NPE environment

If you have trained in any combative art, you are never really Un-Armed. However, there are times when our “armament” is less the ideal.

Specifically, the Non-Permissive Environment, or NPE, is a place where the location, not the mission, dictates the force options. Usually this is where we interject what we call “Big Boy Rules(BBR)”. BBR says that you need to do what is necessary to get home. Which some people take to mean, breaking the rules/law. But, going to jail seems to violate the “Get Home” idea as much as a trip to the hospital or morgue. Yes, if you need a gun and don’t have one, life sucks. And, Yes, if you have a gun and lose your job, or go to jail, life sucks.

We have to accept that the only perfect fight is the one we do not get into.

Personally, there are times that I have fewer options than I would like, (airplane, at work, on a school, etc…), and there are times where I do not go to certain events because the compromise is too much for me to justify, (maybe NFL games are now out?). This is BBR.

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