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Gun-Control & The Nature of Things
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All Positions, or Policies, that are built on a Fundamentally Flawed Premise, are Doomed to Failure.

All arguments are built on certain beliefs, or presuppositions. And, those beliefs must be consistent with the truth of the world around them. These beliefs must also be based on things that are predictable and repeatable. That is to say, we must base our beliefs on the rule, not the exceptions. Those predictable and repeatable aspects of the things, people and world around us, are called “The Nature of Things”.

For example, it is the Nature of Gravity to make things fall. Now many scientists will immediately clarify that it is actually drawing you to the center of a large mass, or that anti-gravity is theoretically possible. But the fact remains, that if we step off a cliff, unassisted, we will fall. We act in our lives as if this is the Nature of Gravity.

Many people may want to pretend or “wish” that something was different; but, this does not change the Nature of the thing.

The Policy that states that outlawing, or restricting, the ownership of certain types of weapons will reduce crime; is based on a fundamentally flawed premise that denies the Nature of Things. The Nature of Humans is that we are designed to be a Predator. From our bifocal vision to our reaction to stimuli, we are built to hunt. Only through “socially-acceptable norms”, do we control this inner beast. However, not all in our communities feel tied down by our “socially-acceptable norms”. They remain the predator.

In Rory Miller’s book, “Meditations of Violence” he eloquently states that the predator only sees two things; Odds and Meat. The gazelle does not deter the lion by outlawing teeth, or by having “Hunt Free Zones”. Expecting to change the behavior, through social rules, someone, who has rejected the idea of rules; is doomed from the beginning.

We will never protect ourselves from the predator by disarming his prey or passing laws that he will never follow. We must learn to face, and defeat, the predator.

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We will start running group classes this fall (hopefully at our new private range). Remember, the drills and 1- on-1 are only as effective as you make them. Train like you fight; fight like you train.

Most of our training, both unarmed and armed, is done in “isolation”.

For example, we will spend a lot of time hitting or kicking a heavy bag. Or, we will spend a lot of time, at the range, shooting ever smaller groups. But rarely, do we work on moving from one technique to another.

While delivering a “knock-out punch” or a precise shot may ultimately end the fight. It is the actions that lead us to that opening, that ultimately decide whether we, or our opponent, take that “shot” first.

The “glory” is in making the shot, or delivering the punch. But, the “work” is in everything that precedes it. So, it is the “work” that should dominate our training.

Sucker punches, and drive-by shootings, prove that random techniques work. But, as warriors, we cannot depend on fate or random results.

Most training is single skill focused. A martial arts class is a hand-to-hand focused subject. A shooting class is a gun focused subject. Even some of the more advanced, progressive shooting schools that run force-on-force (FOF), are focused on how to get the gun into the fight. Similarly, some advanced, progressive martial arts schools will spend time defending against a weapon.

While some Filipino based martial arts doing amazing work with the knife and escrima stick. Almost no one looks at the progression from an empty hand technique, and the deployment of our most formidable weapon in the modern age, a gun.

I recently saw a YouTube video of a traditional martial artist, wearing a gi, doing what he called a “gun kata”. I appreciate the attempt to blend the two disciplines, yet, he clearly could not go beyond his preconceived notions of a fight. First, the gi. I understand the traditional need for the gi, and even wear one on occasion. However, when we are starting to blend empty hand skills with modern weapons, we need to dress like it. Secondly, his techniques were very static and inflexible. Recently, most of the top firearms instructors are incorporating dynamic, explosive movement into their training.

This is the area that TNT Combatives is most interested in exploring. We work with martial artist, military, law enforcement, contractors, and others whom violence is common, to enhance their ability to survive the ambush, gain control, establish dominance and deploy superior weaponry.

I would encourage you to spend some time in thought, and on the mat/range exploring this topic.

I was recently discussing the concepts of real violence versus a traditional “fight” with a friend of mine.

This friend is a very accomplished martial artist. And, I was struck by many of the unspoken assumptions that permeated his beliefs about violence. Like most people, he based a lot of his pre-contact visualizations on the face to face conflict.

The reality is that there is a difference between what Rory Miller, in his book “Meditations on Violence”, would call the “monkey dance” and the true “predator/prey” encounter.

If you are facing a Predator, you are not facing someone who is trying to embarrass you, shame you, prove they are better than you or going to inflict any other “socially acceptable” violence upon you.

A predator wants you, your body, or your life. Fight like it.