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Gun-Control & The Nature of Things
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All Positions, or Policies, that are built on a Fundamentally Flawed Premise, are Doomed to Failure.

All arguments are built on certain beliefs, or presuppositions. And, those beliefs must be consistent with the truth of the world around them. These beliefs must also be based on things that are predictable and repeatable. That is to say, we must base our beliefs on the rule, not the exceptions. Those predictable and repeatable aspects of the things, people and world around us, are called “The Nature of Things”.

For example, it is the Nature of Gravity to make things fall. Now many scientists will immediately clarify that it is actually drawing you to the center of a large mass, or that anti-gravity is theoretically possible. But the fact remains, that if we step off a cliff, unassisted, we will fall. We act in our lives as if this is the Nature of Gravity.

Many people may want to pretend or “wish” that something was different; but, this does not change the Nature of the thing.

The Policy that states that outlawing, or restricting, the ownership of certain types of weapons will reduce crime; is based on a fundamentally flawed premise that denies the Nature of Things. The Nature of Humans is that we are designed to be a Predator. From our bifocal vision to our reaction to stimuli, we are built to hunt. Only through “socially-acceptable norms”, do we control this inner beast. However, not all in our communities feel tied down by our “socially-acceptable norms”. They remain the predator.

In Rory Miller’s book, “Meditations of Violence” he eloquently states that the predator only sees two things; Odds and Meat. The gazelle does not deter the lion by outlawing teeth, or by having “Hunt Free Zones”. Expecting to change the behavior, through social rules, someone, who has rejected the idea of rules; is doomed from the beginning.

We will never protect ourselves from the predator by disarming his prey or passing laws that he will never follow. We must learn to face, and defeat, the predator.

Secession as a valuable tactic within a Cultural Cold War #secession #TGDN #RedNationRising

Stages of secession

Mental – commit to the concept of not allowing the other side to control what/how you Think about the issues

Emotional – commit to the concept of not allowing the other side to control what/how you Feel about the issues

Social – commit to the concept of building community only among those who hold the same core beliefs

Economic – commit to the concept of supporting only those within your Community

Physical – commit to the concept of peaceful separation with those who fundamentally agree.

Big Tent Lie

The conversations in my life seem to be dominated by a few large categories: Religion, Politics, Financial Security, and Personal Security. And, in each of these areas I find a disturbing “Truism” creeping in.

The Truism is that we need to “more inclusive” or “tolerant” of divergent views. This concept is sometimes referred to as the “Big Tent” approach.

However, the consequences of each of these conversations are so large; it is difficult and dangerous to assume that all points of view are equally valid.

The Big Tent approach is most commonly discussed in the realm of Politics, and is particularly intense right now among “Republicans”, still reeling from back-to-back loses for the White House. Predictably, the media, “strategists”, and other gurus of politics are blaming the GOP for not embracing this minority group or that special-interest group. And so, the answer, universally, seems to be “if you are more attractive to this group, they will vote for you”. In other words, “Compromise”.

“Include this view into the platform, and include that view into the platform. We need a Bigger Tent”. The GOP’s problem is not that they do not have a “Bigger Tent”. The GOP’s problem is that they do not have a “Brighter Tent”. A Bigger Tent is defined as including all points of view, no matter how divergent. A Brighter Tent is defined as having a message that draws people under it.

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No One comes to the Father, But through ME.” (John 14:6). That is not a message that is inclusive of all divergent views. Jesus would not agree that, “We all believe in the same god.”

Spending more and more on your Credit Cards will not bring you prosperity, no matter what the commercials promise. Hard work and savings are the only true path to Financial Security.

Believing that the Human Predator currently attacking you or your family is simply a “misunderstood youth, who did not receive the same opportunities”; and so, you should reason or talk your way to safety; will get you Killed.

No all view points are Valid. No matter how passionately held or repeated. All views have consequences, and the results of those consequences are how we define true success.

If the any political party wants to have a future in this country, they need to reestablish the narrative that will attract supporters.

The DNC has found a message of government support and largess. The GOP is unsure whether to copy this view or try something different. The results of this view will end up in larger deficits; less freedom and lower standards of living.

I would suggest the messages of: Personal Liberty, for yourself and your neighbors; Lower Taxes, which allow families to decide how/where/when/if to spend their money; Charity, it is not charity if given from coerced taxes;

For years the GOP has been trying the concept of having a “Big Tent”. And they have been consistently losing more voters. (Fewer people voted for Mitt Romney, than voted for John McCain). They will continue to faded to the history books until they realize; “They do not need a Bigger Tent; They need one with Brighter Colors and Broader Stripes that rallies people to it.”


She Thinks I am a Nut…

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She thinks I am a nut…
Getting your Wife on board with your preps

Before I get hate mail from our female readers/students, I am specifically using a husband prepper and a not-so wife because of two reasons. Because, this is a question that I most commonly get from men; and, because it is the only perspective, to which, I can personally attest.

Now, if one of our female readers/students would like to write or rewrite this article from a woman’s perspective; I would be happy to publish it. C’mon Ladies, let’s hear it.

Now my confession is that I have an amazing wife who not only tolerates my craziness; but, sometimes, encourages it. But, we still have a different view of preparation and their priorities. So, when we are discussing the what/how and most importantly when/why; we have to understand the reason that the other person may, or may not, want to pursue a particular prep.

So, for those of you who struggle with a disinterested, or even hostile, spouse when the topic of preps comes up. I suggest thinking, and speaking, about it from her perceptive.

Such as (these are examples, feel free to add your own in the comments):

Skill – Bugging Out
Husband – You want a backpack full of survival stuff, to go live in the woods if TSHTF.
Wife – She wants a backpack full of camping stuff, so that the family can spend time together on the weekends.

Skill – Food Storage
Husband – You want 3-6 months of food storage to survive the natural or man-made disaster if TSHTF
Wife – She wants to get a good deal on soup/water/juice/etc. when it goes on sale

Skill – Bulk food storage
Husband – You want bulk food stored up for when TSHTF
Wife – She wants to start cooking more meals at home to save money and eat healthier

Skill – Gardening
Husband – You want to be able to grow you own food when TSHTF
Wife – She is concerned about GMO food and wants to eat organic without having to pay Whole foods prices

Skill – Guns/Hunting
Husband – You want to be able to protect and feed your family when TSHTF
Wife – She thinks it is a good opportunity for you spend time with the kids.

Gear – Bikes
Husband – You need transportation when the EMP wipes out the cars or generally TSHTF
Wife – It is a good way for the family to spend time together and get exercise.

Gear – Bug Out Bag, Water filters, tents, stoves, etc..
Husband – Items that you need in your Bug out bag (see Bugging Out)
Wife – (see Bugging Out)

Gear – generator
Husband – You need your own source of electricity when the grid fails or TSHTF
Wife – We need to save the cold food in the freezer if the power goes out.

“if you believe you can; or, you believe you can’t…you are probably right.”

It is an old saying that is directly applicable to the warrior’s life. I began thinking about this after watching a friend of mine teach a basic handgun course.

In his preamble, he talked about that; while he hoped that he would never have to use his gun, he was willing.

The question is: would he really?

I have heard other instructors say something very similar, including several that have already walked that path. And, every time I can’t help but wonder whether they really mean it, or is it just Politically Correct BS.

My thought was that we are too often concerned how others might perceive us, and so we add these type of “hedges” to our conversations. The problem is, these comments can begin to program our reactions.

So if you “say” that you “hope you don’t have to use your gun” only two possibilities exist: 1. You really believe it; or 2. You are lying because of what people might think.

If the first, then when you are faced with that critical moment, you will hesitate. You really believe that you do not want to shoot anyone, so you won’t.

If the second, then you run the risk of programming the wrong response. We are all familiar with the what/if scenarios that we play out in our heads throughout our day. Your attempt at being more “socially acceptable” can get you killed.

Instead of excusing your abilities and beliefs, learn to embrace and explain them. More on that later…