She Thinks I am a Nut…

Posted: September 26, 2012 in mindset, preparing, Uncategorized
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She thinks I am a nut…
Getting your Wife on board with your preps

Before I get hate mail from our female readers/students, I am specifically using a husband prepper and a not-so wife because of two reasons. Because, this is a question that I most commonly get from men; and, because it is the only perspective, to which, I can personally attest.

Now, if one of our female readers/students would like to write or rewrite this article from a woman’s perspective; I would be happy to publish it. C’mon Ladies, let’s hear it.

Now my confession is that I have an amazing wife who not only tolerates my craziness; but, sometimes, encourages it. But, we still have a different view of preparation and their priorities. So, when we are discussing the what/how and most importantly when/why; we have to understand the reason that the other person may, or may not, want to pursue a particular prep.

So, for those of you who struggle with a disinterested, or even hostile, spouse when the topic of preps comes up. I suggest thinking, and speaking, about it from her perceptive.

Such as (these are examples, feel free to add your own in the comments):

Skill – Bugging Out
Husband – You want a backpack full of survival stuff, to go live in the woods if TSHTF.
Wife – She wants a backpack full of camping stuff, so that the family can spend time together on the weekends.

Skill – Food Storage
Husband – You want 3-6 months of food storage to survive the natural or man-made disaster if TSHTF
Wife – She wants to get a good deal on soup/water/juice/etc. when it goes on sale

Skill – Bulk food storage
Husband – You want bulk food stored up for when TSHTF
Wife – She wants to start cooking more meals at home to save money and eat healthier

Skill – Gardening
Husband – You want to be able to grow you own food when TSHTF
Wife – She is concerned about GMO food and wants to eat organic without having to pay Whole foods prices

Skill – Guns/Hunting
Husband – You want to be able to protect and feed your family when TSHTF
Wife – She thinks it is a good opportunity for you spend time with the kids.

Gear – Bikes
Husband – You need transportation when the EMP wipes out the cars or generally TSHTF
Wife – It is a good way for the family to spend time together and get exercise.

Gear – Bug Out Bag, Water filters, tents, stoves, etc..
Husband – Items that you need in your Bug out bag (see Bugging Out)
Wife – (see Bugging Out)

Gear – generator
Husband – You need your own source of electricity when the grid fails or TSHTF
Wife – We need to save the cold food in the freezer if the power goes out.

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