Training in Isolation vs. Transition and Context

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Armed Combatives, UnArmed Combatives
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Most of our training, both unarmed and armed, is done in “isolation”.

For example, we will spend a lot of time hitting or kicking a heavy bag. Or, we will spend a lot of time, at the range, shooting ever smaller groups. But rarely, do we work on moving from one technique to another.

While delivering a “knock-out punch” or a precise shot may ultimately end the fight. It is the actions that lead us to that opening, that ultimately decide whether we, or our opponent, take that “shot” first.

The “glory” is in making the shot, or delivering the punch. But, the “work” is in everything that precedes it. So, it is the “work” that should dominate our training.

Sucker punches, and drive-by shootings, prove that random techniques work. But, as warriors, we cannot depend on fate or random results.

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