What we say vs. What we believe

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Armed Combatives, mindset, UnArmed Combatives

“if you believe you can; or, you believe you can’t…you are probably right.”

It is an old saying that is directly applicable to the warrior’s life. I began thinking about this after watching a friend of mine teach a basic handgun course.

In his preamble, he talked about that; while he hoped that he would never have to use his gun, he was willing.

The question is: would he really?

I have heard other instructors say something very similar, including several that have already walked that path. And, every time I can’t help but wonder whether they really mean it, or is it just Politically Correct BS.

My thought was that we are too often concerned how others might perceive us, and so we add these type of “hedges” to our conversations. The problem is, these comments can begin to program our reactions.

So if you “say” that you “hope you don’t have to use your gun” only two possibilities exist: 1. You really believe it; or 2. You are lying because of what people might think.

If the first, then when you are faced with that critical moment, you will hesitate. You really believe that you do not want to shoot anyone, so you won’t.

If the second, then you run the risk of programming the wrong response. We are all familiar with the what/if scenarios that we play out in our heads throughout our day. Your attempt at being more “socially acceptable” can get you killed.

Instead of excusing your abilities and beliefs, learn to embrace and explain them. More on that later…

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